Parental Involvement In Education Essay

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Parental involvement has a significant effect on child’s achievement throughout the years of schooling. Researchers consider that educational failure is increased by lack of parental interest in child’s schooling. On the other hand, parents believe that the responsibility for their child’s education is shared between parents and the school. . Data for the study was collected through questionnaires, direct observations, and teacher interviews. This research is aimed to measure how parent involvement impacts students’ literacy development. Students and their parents both provided information for this research as well as student observations and teacher interviews were conducted. Results of this study indicate that parental involvement in children’s…show more content…
For preschool children, literacy enhancing activities in the home such as singing songs, playing games, reciting rhymes, and drawing pictures improve literacy and language outcomes. These are very supportive activities that provide a nurturing environment where a child grows and learns and also provide the essential needs that motivate active learning within the child. Therefore, parental involvement is vital in supporting a child’s literacy development (Anderson, 2007). Although the parent might not be physically in the classroom setting, they still show their support of their child’s education, including literacy development by being available and providing support with homework. The child may interpret the parent’s lack of involvement as an indication that school is not important and may lose motivation.Overall, research has figured out that parental involvement does make a difference to pupils’ engagement and their achievement and the evidence indicates that parental involvement benefits students, parents, teachers and schools. There is no clear line which indicates less participation of parents and more participation of teachers. Both have crucial role to play and results are noticeable if parents and school work together. Parents’ self-esteem is very important in determining long term outcomes for both themselves and their children. Parental involvement greatly impacts a child’s learning and literacy experiences. Parent involvement not only effects students achievement in a positive way but it also leads to better performance as the child progresses into the higher education settings
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