Parental Involvement In Education

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Lack of Parental Involvement in Education
There is a great problem in education these days and the lack of parental involvement in their child or student’s lives are to blame for the negative effects that educational institutions go through. There are many contributions to bad grades and many student’s failing exam scores. Positive study habits and tips are not enforced by one’s parents or guardians in and out of the classroom. There is also the lack of developing relationships between a child or student and the parent, there is no communication that is involved that could possibly help strengthen relationships and build a positive bond. Some parents are just unaware of the negative consequences of not being involved in their child’s education.
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Aside from the negative effects of this problem, the most important person is the child’s future for success.
First and foremost, a positive home environment plays an important role in a child’s education and how they will act at school. As when a child learns bad habits at school, they also learn them at home as well. Parents or guardians’ must be aware of what the child is being assigned in the classroom and strictly enforce study habits right away. An article titled Parental Involvement in Homework explains that “There are many ways of creating structures at home that support children’s learning. Specific decisions about structuring depend in part on student needs and on parent ideas about specific involvement activities that ‘fit’ the student and family context, for example, what the home is like and what other demands require parents’ time (Xu & Corno, 1998)” (Dempsey, Parental). Homework is a common method that most teachers use to help a child learn new information. Parents should be able to help their child with any questions
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There are some children that may be disruptive or disrespectful towards their classmates and teachers. Although most disobedience starts at home at a young age, it is important for the parent to enforce rules and teach their child from right and wrong. As stated in the previous paragraph, parent’s play as role models to their children; these certain actions and behaviors are learned in home environments. Also, parents should be aware of the courses that are being studied at the time and being up to date with their children’s classroom allows them to converse about specific topics at
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