Role Of Parental Involvement In Children's Music Education

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Strategies for Enablement of Parental Involvement in Children's Music Education

Description - Music education has been linked to several positives like better academic excellence, pleasant personality etcetera. So your child is showing interest in learning a new instrument and you want to get involved but no idea how? Read on to solve the dilemma.

Parental involvement has always shown a positive effect on a child’s long term music education. The very fact that the parents are watching and supporting their child encourages him/her in going far in their thirst for learning quality music through instruments. Several researches have been conducted to verify this and several researches are still going on. Being there to support your child in
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Encourage your child to practise more and at regular times daily until it becomes a habit. Perhaps she can cramp in a jam session during commercial breaks during her TV time or as a celebration to having completed her daily homework. Go the extra mile during weekends to grow that love and interest she showed for music in the beginning.

Open their minds to the variety of music in this world.

There are no ends to the number of genres of music we have right now. Take your kid to different kinds of concerts and musicals especially classical music and fusion music to show them that their learning need not be confined to what is popular or what is widely applauded. The quality of music can always improve and this improvement will only help her in growing both as a person and as a musician.

Admire their genuine effort and progress

Kids maybe naive and innocent but they are much smarter than you think. They can pick up on half hearted compliments more than anyone else. So giving them offhand remarks discourages them and has a negative impact on their thirst for musical knowledge. Instead, genuinely watch all the progress and effort that your child puts into his learning and appreciate
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Children tend to put in more effort when they trust their tutor and they start showing more interest in practising outside lessons which results in remarkable improvement very quickly.

Reward your child

Its as important to give tangible rewards to your children as it is to show verbal appreciation in order to encourage her to pursue her interests. Perhaps her favourite movie, an ice cream or a little extra TV time should do the trick. But be true to yourself and reward her only when she has earned it and not to favour her.

Put on a show

Set aside some time, a few days a week and let your musical amateur take centre stage. Ask her to put on a show for you and don't just sit there and nod. Get up and dance or do a little routine that the whole family can join in on. Ask your everyone to participate especially older siblings. This not only encourages family bonding and a sense of security but also boosts her self esteem and interest in learning the instrument.

Cultivate a genuine
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