Parenthood: A Film Analysis

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The parenthood showed me that everything that happens during our growing age have an effect the person we become in the future.The rollercoaster was a perfect metaphor for this film because it shows the stages couples go through building a relationship.The families are all close in there own way,I say this because all of them had rough arguments that seprated ordinary couples but they made it through. Use and abuse of language was used more by Nathan in the movie by the way he spoke to susan about patty future and having more children also gil dad was this way towards his wife.He relate more to his other son to me that seem careless which he realize by the end of the movie.I could understand gil feeling trap in the life he is living because in my opinion he was trying so hard to be the perfect DaD and husband that his age became a negative at his job towards getting what he felt he deserved.The wife also feel strained by her life because she also wants a great motherhood but with that she is left envying the other parts of life she think she would have prefered like going to work for a change which brought a lot of conflict and conflict resolution.That also taught me that in life we can only have what we put our mind to and we have to aprecciate and treasure it for as long as we can.Nathan and his wife relationship had listening skills promblems, which…show more content…
My families and those around me communicate their need with extended in a typical way which is with great pride involved which is not surprising because it is the world we live in no one wants to be hurt and wrong and feel defeated so even when we are on the losing end we either express hate towards that or become pretending winners.larry and his dad is a great example of this because it 's obvious that gil grew up to be the better son but larry being his dad own image at that age constant effort was put in to turn wrongs into rights but at the end of the day we all have to face reality that nobody change
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