Essay On Responsible Parenting

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Family is the basic unit in the life of an individual. And every family needs to have parents that serve as the pillars of this unit. Parents are assumed to become the primary source of the child 's physical, emotional, or intellectual disability. Both parents perceived different roles in rearing their child.
Parenting contributes to a child’s holistic development which includes responsibilities of being a parent enumerated as a caregiver, nurturer, teacher, role model, and a financial provider. Parents aim optimal growth and development for their children that involves giving them adequate biological, emotional, and psychological growth. They take care of the biological needs of their children providing them physical care to meet those needs such as proper food, fresh air, enough sleep, recreation, and to protect them by ensuring a safe and nurturing environment. Mothers and fathers also aim to give their children the best education, teach them about life and the community,
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Female gender role has thus increasingly incorporated dimensions of economic independence and support responsibilities that recently belonged to male duties that cause equal distribution of economic responsibilities (Oláh, et al.2014). In the Philippines, Labor Force Survey (LFS) reveals that 37.7 million of Filipino who are employed constitutes 22.9 million males and female employment was estimated at 14.8 million. This implies that large numbers of Filipino women are contributing into the economic responsibilities in their household not only the males who solely took part in providing financial needs of the family. Although many women are taking the share of male role especially providing for the family, it was also argued that many women still believed that husband must be the head of the family and primary breadwinners (Prasetya,
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