Asian American Parenting

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Parenting Among Asian American Families Asian parenting emphasizes three significant themes (Chao & Tseng, 2002; Julian, McKenry, & McKelvey, 1994). One of the main themes among Asian parenting is that of family as the center. Asian American parents emphasize the importance of family and family interdependence. Each Asian society has its unique beliefs of the family and family roles, family responsibilities, and family membership. Another prominent theme among Asian parenting is the use of parental control and strictness. Asian parenting places a great deal of importance on parental authority, respecting parents and adults, and filial piety (Park, Kim, Chiang, & Ju, 2010). A third theme among Asian parenting focuses on the parental and societal…show more content…
Asian American parents are very strict when it comes to academics and make sure their children apply more effort on schoolwork, partake in private tutoring, attend after school tutorials, and attend language and music lessons. Asian American parents make sure their child’s primary focus is school, and do not encourage spending times on other activities like a part-time job and dating. Asian Americans parents have a clear concern over their child’s educational achievement and hence offer more direct and instructional support to their children’s schooling and education from an early age. Children’s schooling is the primary responsibility of Asian American parents and they expect that their children perform exceptionally in school. Asian American parents have more parental involvement in school than other ethnic parents (Chao & Tseng, 2002; Julian, McKenry, & McKelvey, 1994; Kim & Wong,…show more content…
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