Gender Roles And Gender Analysis

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Several researchers over the years have been able to recognize significant differences between the sexes. The distinctions of them include the structure of the brain, child development, and perceptions about the world (Gervais, 2012). Similar to this, parents will often take this knowledge and use it to raise their child, or children, following the structure of gender roles. However, there are consequences to this, as a child’s first teacher in life is their parents. Children raised this way will be brought up as a prophecy to what their parents believe. For example, boys are expected to be much more aggressive and stronger than a girl child, while the girls are thought of to be more emotional and more social than the boys. These gender roles…show more content…
Parents need to raise their children in such a way that allows them to be instrumental, responsible, and successful in future society (Ehrensaft, 2007). Over the course of the years, many activists have advocated for fairness between men and women. This is along the same line with the values that work towards ensuring gender equality in every aspect of life. Parenting involves shaping the future of children, as they play a significant role at the young ages of children. Like what was stated earlier, parents are the very first teachers of their children. So why is it that we shower boys with toy trucks and sporty clothes and tell our girls to wear pink dresses and play with dolls? Perhaps this is something that the children are only taught to want, not what their hearts sincerely desire. The process of parenting involves helping children out of their comfort zones and helping them explore new opportunities (Ehrensaft, 2007). In addition to all of this, parents are there in order to aid their kids in reinforcing the imperfect aspects of their life. As such, it is crucial to allow girls and boys to grow in the same environment, since this will allow them to have alike abilities. With this, equal treatment allows independence of children from their parents, enables them to grow their confidence, and have the ability to…show more content…
Favoring or focusing on one particular sex will make the other disadvantaged in society, thus regurgitating the same issues our world has faced in the past. Moreover, equality of both genders will result in parity that gives both children the same opportunities to succeed in life (Ehrensaft, 2007). So, as we go forth as future parents and role models to our children, let us be aware about our gender stereotypes and just how damaging they can be. Let’s think twice before assuming a boy wants to play football outside and a little girl wants to have tea party. Let’s keep in mind that both genders have the same right to be treated equally before they grow up and decide how they want to portray themselves to the world. This is the beauty about the gift of being a child; you have to world at your fingertips to be exactly who you want to be, and it’s wrong to silence
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