Parenting In Alfie Kohn's The One-Sided War Against Children

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Alfie Kohn in an excerpt from his book, “The One-Sided War against Children”, explores the topic of helicopter parenting. In which through Kohn uses ethos in order to convey his overall message, that helicopter parenting is not necessarily a bad thing for children. As there is no substantial facts that otherwise prove that helicopter parenting is damaging to children. In which Kohn uses his vast information about other articles and sources on the same topic. For example, when Kohn lists some of them, “...‘How to Land Your Kid in Therapy’...‘The Child Trap: The Rise of Overparenting’...‘Abuse of Overparenting’...” (Kohn). With Kohn listing all of these other articles he establishes credibility with his audience, as it shows the amount of prior
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