Parenting In Karen Thompson Walker's The Age Of Miracles

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A person’s fundamental beliefs and attitudes can be greatly influenced by the people in their lives. As an illustration, the presence of parents in a child 's life can influence them greatly. Parenting goes far beyond the care of the child, as parents also have a significant influence on the child’s personality, emotional development, and behavioral habits. Like in Karen Thompson Walker dystopian novel The Age of Miracles, the protagonist 's parents also have a crucial impact on her self-discovery. The novel is an inventive story, combining classic coming-of-age themes with the horror of a natural disaster of apocalyptic proportions. The novel shows how the protagonist, Julia, changes drastically as she moves forward in her adolescent years.…show more content…
Primarily, an important aspect he has shared with Julia, is the ability to enjoy life. As their love story unfolds against the backdrop of an apocalyptic scenario, and the hardships of adolescence, Julia becomes overwhelmed and almost isolated from herself. Seth provides the missing support she needs through these hard times, and together they learn to live in the moment, and how to find more happiness and joy within this nostalgic era. Since the slowing started, the whole world has been on edge waiting for a looming disaster, these events have made Julia more worrisome and have prevented her from enjoying the last moments of her childhood. Despite what might be the end of the world, the nostalgic perspective that Julia is emerged in is turning out to be harmful for her. As her dad points out “You used to be much braver, you know.”(119). To which Julia admits “He was right. I had grown into a worrier, a girl on constant guard for catastrophes large and small, for the disappointments I now sensed were hidden all around us in plain sight”(119). Seth’s arrival impacts Julia and helps her to enjoy their last few moments together, much like Julia’s father acts towards her mother. As Julia states, “ I felt happier than I had in a long time” (228). All in all, Julia’s associations with Seth helped her to live those last few years the world has left, in happiness. Seth and…show more content…
These individuals are very memorable because they influence her character greatly. During the slowing, love and unity have been an important aspect of survival. Though through a rocky path, Julia’s parents have maintained their connection not only for themselves, but for Julia’s sake as well. Learning the importance of love, helps characterize Julia. First, on top of the slowing, many other stressful events have caused a distance in the relationship between Julia’s parents. Julia’s way of explaining these unlikely turn of events, is to blame the slowing. Confidently, she states “We took more risks. Desires were less checked. Temptation was harder to resist. Some of us made decisions we might not otherwise have made. I like to think that this is how it started between my father and Sylvia” (130). A consequence of the distance between the parents, is the way the father decides to cope with the situation and cheat on his wife with a young neighbour called Sylvia. As their situation worsens, it seems like Julia’s father even ran off with Sylvia. Julia says “I think she knew that he was more than late. Something had changed, and she knew it” (246). Despite all of this, as the time passes they began to realize the importance of sticking together both as a family and a couple. Julia recognizes this when she states “I noticed my father began to care for her in a newly tender way. I read their interaction s

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