Parenting In The Filipinos

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Situation Analysis Filipinos are famous when it comes to agriculture. Agriculture is the primary source of income among farmers. Farming is the most important sector in the Philippine society and farmers are the most industrious people. Through the laborious work of farmer’s, families are able to feed their members. Because of farming people are able to eat healthy foods. However, the real situation about farmers is difficult. For them there is no excuse not to go to the fields and work, there is no limit to their sacrifices, sometimes they fail to have enough rest because they need to attend to their farms. And to top this, they need to earn money and to support their children to be able to sustain their needs. Aside from the daily task in their farm, farmers have to take part in parenting tasks. When they get home from the fields they face the grueling task of disciplining their children. Parenting could be one of the greatest struggles of farmer parents. In contrast, Diana Baumrind said that Parenting is a most challenging yet rewarding experience. Diana Baumrind developed a classification of parenting styles such as authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and uninvolved or neglectful. She found out that the kind of parenting style practices are pivotal elements in defining the behavior and attitude of parents when it comes to their children (Joshi, Sharman, &Mehra 2009). Baumrind concluded that parenting style are depth in four important areas: parents '

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