Parenting Style Benefits Personal Development

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4. Which parenting style benefits personal development of children the most? After analyzing my findings, I found that tiger parenting style and dolphin style have unique benefits and limitation in terms of personal development of children. Physical ,mental and social heath are the indicator to determine the personal development of children. As physical health of the child cannot be judged by parenting styles, I would like to discuss in terms of social health and mental health. In terms of social health, children under tiger parenting style may have a poor interpersonal relationship. Strict rules may lower the degree of family harmony, as children have no say in the family. Parents, as a significant others, punish children instead of giving support, children may lack affiliation form the family. Sometimes it may develop into conflict when the child entered teenage, no longer listen to the parents. Taking Vanessa Mae as example, She was banned from doing thing not related to violent. At the age of 21, she fired her mother who was her agent and stop connect with her. Beside, some tiger parents may restrike their children’s freedom to make friends. It limited the social circle of the children. In long term, the children may less chance o practice their inter-personal skill and communication skill, which will hinder the personal development of children. For children educated under dolphin parenting style, they usually have a better social health. They are always supported and
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