Essay On Parenting Style

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Being a parent has its incentives and blissful memories, but making decisions for that child’s well-being is where difficulty appears. No matter how many articles or books you’ve read, or how many times you’ve went on Google for parenting questions, nothing can completely prepare you for parenting. Whether you’re a single parent or not, parenting isn’t an easy task for anyone. No parent is exactly alike, each one has their own parenting style of method they abide by. There’s many hurdles in parenting and every parent has their own way of jumping over them. There are four main parenting style that carries their own characteristics such as the authoritative parent, the neglectful parent, the permissive parent and the authoritarian parent. Which…show more content…
Can you guess what it is? This is parenting style is permissive parenting. Another way to look at this style is “trying to be my child’s best friend”. The downfall of this kind of parenting is that parents aren't always a disciplinarian. Whether we like it or not, rules are everywhere no matter where we are. It is a parent’s responsibility to teach their child the importance of following rules and to acknowledge the consequences if they do not. Fortunately, kids don’t have to wonder if they are loved due to this parenting style. One of the main characteristics of a permissive parent is their nurturing and loving impact. Regrettably, in the long run this parenting style can be very unhealthy for a child. A child needs structure as well as parental rules and guidance. Based on a parent's low expectations, they don’t strive for high achievements, poor decisions are frequently made and the most common one of all, their negative response when things don’t go their way. Parents wanting to be their child’s “best friend”, consequently end up raising their now grown child because of their habits and unhealthy time management skills. Parents must know the difference between “raising my child” and “being my child’s best
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