Parenting Style In Jeannette's The Glass Castle

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Witnessing my father chasing down my mother because of a pointless argument of my parents not caring about my siblings and I where abouts would be devastating to say the least. In The Glass Castle Jeannette and her siblings chose to appreciate the small things as they got older because they were not given materialistic items or a hot meal when they could afford it. Their mother made poor financial decisions and hardly ever put the kids first. For example, the mom chose to rent a piano over buying Brian a pair of male jeans. He had to suffer wearing girl clothes that did not even fit. Just from reading this much, the parenting style in this book is ridiculous and the kids made the right choices as they got older to be successful. RoseMary…show more content…
The joy of learning is what unified the Walls family and is the source of the children’s most endearing memories. They would read together and bond over learning. Jeannette recounts her happier moments “after dinner, the whole family was stretched out on the benches and the floor of the depot and read with the dictionary in the middle of the room so we could look up words we didn’t know. (Walls 56-57) The Walls not only believed in a growth mindset; sharing knowledge was in fact how Rex and Rose Mary best expressed their genuine love and affection towards their children. Rex when sober taught his children geometry, physics, astronomy and how to convert their math homework into binary numbers. Rose, a teacher herself taught her children to value literature. In third grade, Jeannette and her siblings were recognized for their love of literature and were all placed in a gifted reading class. Rex and Rose Mary loved their children and expressed their love by sharing with them the joy of learning. because this expressions of love was pure, they succeeded, to instill in their children the drive and ambitions to be successful and live accomplished…show more content…
It was their parent’s genuine love combined with absurd neglect, which empowered the Walls children with the tools to overcome the obstacle of their upbringing. It is because they knew they were loved; that the Walls children, together, transformed their stumbling blocks, created by their parent’s dysfunctionally into stepping stones, and allowed the children to strive and
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