Parenting Style: Similar Around The World

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Ajoke Adebayo
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Beiye Gu


Parenting is similar around the world. Every parent shows love and support to their children regardless of race, culture and ethnicity. The only different in parenting is discipline, values and cultural beliefs. There are other factors that can influence ways of parenting, which includes personal experiences, traditions and values.
Personal experience plays a lot of roles in parenting a child, when I was growing up my mother vow that none of her children will be full house wife, due to her horrible experiences in the hands of my late father’s family. My mother and father had good relationship, father loved mother so much he believes his wife do not need to work. My mother was a stay home mom. When daddy died due to accident, my extended family took over all his property and drove mom away. Mother suffered a lot and vows that all her children will be
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In Africa children do not pay bill until they finished school or married, as long they are with their parents, but in US parents and children share bills together. You are also not allowed to have boyfriend until you are independent, but in America society, even elementary school kids have boyfriend.
The parenting styles we use are very important in our children lives.

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