Adolescent Parenting Styles

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Introduction The main purpose of this research paper is to find a correlation between parenting and their adolescent’s lifestyle and how adolescents react to the different parenting styles. Furthermore, peer affiliations and other social factors may be influenced by how parents communicate with their children at home. Parenting styles and trait emotional intelligence in adolescence by Evangelia Argyriou, Giorgos Bakonyannis and Spyridon Tantaros is a research study that goes into detail about how parental monitoring and parenting styles impact their child’s development. Another resource is Parenting and Peer Relationships: Reinvigorating Research on Family-Peer Linkages in Adolescence by B. Bradford Brown and Jeremy P. Bakken, which brings…show more content…
He proposed different theories about parents and their kind of authority over their children. These include: authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive parenting. Authoritative can be described as a strict parent, one that is very controlling, yet supportive, and they increase verbal communication between themselves and the child. Authoritarian parenting is very similar—they express much control, however, they discourage the amount of verbal communication and preach more about obedience. Lastly, permissive parents are the complete opposite and take no responsibility when it comes to influencing and shaping their children’s behaviors. They are neglectful parents and often let their children do as they please. The study consisted of a questionnaire which random participants of age would fill out regarding different statements about their emotions and parenting styles. They would rate the questions with 1 (completely disagree) through 7 (completely agree). They found that parenting styles are in fact related to emotional intelligence and how they act. The article refers to a study by Williams, Ciarrochi, and Heaven (2012), which found the impact of these different…show more content…
Bradford Brown and Jeremy P is an article that provides multiple studies, including their own, on how parenting styles impact who an adolescent associates with and how they communicate with their parents about their peers. Many parents feel that they have a right to know what goes on during their child’s life. Bradford and Brown state that these categories include: social activities with peers, features of specific relationships, and characteristics of their peers. They found that parent’s gain more information about their adolescents life when they have a trusting and well-developed relationship with their child and set rules about their peer interactions. Parental monitoring has also shown that there have been positive changes in drug use and risky behaviors. In a series of studies included in the article, it was also shown that a social learning theory was present through childhood and adolescence. If the parents exhibited hostility towards their child or their partner, the child presented some of the same hostility/aggressiveness through

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