Parenting Styles In Eritrica

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Parenting Style in Eritrea
The previous section of this essay dealt with the relationship between culture and parenting in Eritrea. This section seeks to explore the specificities of how culture shapes and influences parenting styles, with a particular focus on the western and south-central parts of Eritrea. In exploring of child development, culture remains as the main source of values and principles that a child is required to adopt from the early childhood ages. Therefore, Child raising mechanisms are derived from cultural norms that societies held for millennia. Parents want to transform those cultural merits to the proceeding generation. Consequently, a newly born child is required to inherit, internalize and grow up with those norms. As the majority of Eritrean ethnic groups are embedded in culture tradition, parents adopt parenting styles that reflect the expected cultural values and norms. In what follows, the most common parenting styles in the south vis a vis the north-east and western areas of Eritrea are discussed in detail.

Communities of the western and north-east follow an authoritative manner of parenting, while the south and central regions adopt the authoritarian style. As discussed earlier, authoritarian parents are very strict and to some extent punitive in raising and monitoring behavior of their child. This is mainly because cultural values greatly influence the attitudes of parents about the righteous and appropriate behaviors a child should

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