Parenting Styles In The Glass Castle

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There are many different parenting styles that have existed over a time span of hundreds of thousands of years, some are good and some are bad, but none are perfect. They have all had different impacts on the children that were raised by it. A book that conveys two different parenting styles is a memoir by Jeannette Walls named The Glass Castle. Jeannette reflects on a lot of past events that had occured from being a three year old toddler to adulthood and of the skedaddles that they had gone on. She also talks widely about some of her family members Rex Walls, Rose Mary Walls, Lori, Brian, and maureen. However her father Rex Walls was an alright father to all four of his kids due to him educating them on how to protect themselves from danger, inspiring them with the dream of the Glass Castle, and assisting Jeannette with her education in college, but due to him constantly disappearing for days on…show more content…
Nobody is perfect in life, everyone makes mistakes, some make more than others and Rex Walls has made many mistakes, but some of them had a positive effect on others around him and a person should be judged on the outcome of his or hers actions sometimes. The positive actions sometimes out way the negative ones and Rex had done a lot of good things during his lifetime and had ended up with brilliant
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