Child Parenting Styles

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How Parenting Styles an Influence on Child Development?
Henny J. Aquino
Dr. Theodore
March 7th, 2018
Parenting styles influence child development. There are 4 different types of parenting styles, which are authoritarian, authoritative, indulgent, and neglectful. Parenting styles influence a child’s behavior, social life, and ability to perform and/or achieve. The child will either have positive performance, behavior and/or high achievements, or not depending on the type of parenting the child is undergoing. Research has been done to demonstrate the different types of parenting styles and the effect or role it plays with children. Therefore, results show that positive parenting, affectionate, communicative, and supportive, lead to children
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Parenting style does have an affect on child development and perfectionism. Indulgent parenting suggests that because of the type of parenting children may not have the aspiration to accomplish high standards because the parents don’t enforce it as much. Neglectful parenting lacks support and order, so children that experience this type of parenting will have perfectionist motives because they look for order and want to be independent. Authoritarian parenting places a lot of pressure on children and the result of that is children that undergo this type of parenting never take on challenging projects because they’re afraid of failure and parental judgment. Children will not attempt to be perfectionists because of this. Finally, authoritative parenting balances support and order. Children who undergo this parenting style are likely to have a drive for perfectionism because it’s the individual wants to achieve and succeed (Hibbard & Walton, 2014).
Parenting styles are responsible for individual distinctions of child behavior during childhood and adolescence. Authoritative parents slowly withdraw from parental supervision when the adolescent begins to take charge of their own decision-making. Authoritative parenting is highly needed during childhood but decreases during adolescents. Authoritarian parenting is also highly needed during childhood,
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