Parenting Styles: Interaction Between Parents And Children

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Parenting practices/parenting styles Interaction between parents and children in this thesis in the context of parents’ struggle to find an appropriate answer to their children’s questions, could be also define as parenting styles (Darling & Steinberg 1993). Darlin and Steinberg (1993) define the parenting styles as parents’ behaviors and characteristics which is the important part of parent-child interaction and relationships over a wide range of situations. Some of the parents’ styles which are discussed in the literature are presented in the following. The importance of parental expectations of children is described in Ochs and Schieffelin (1984). Their research and further language socialization studies show that perceptions of children and children’s competence influence caregiver-child interaction. This includes the extent of effect of adult accommodation on children’s linguistic and social development. Also, the orientation of culture toward children affect whether and when children are considered as acceptable in interactions and the social roles which are expected from them as well as the language varieties they are permitted or encouraged to use (Ochs and Schieffelin 1995). Barber (1996) investigated psychological control and behavioral control which is perceived as parental style, on children between 10-15 years old. He shows the correlation of these styles to the youth internalized problems (depression) and, in some cases, externalized problems (delinquency).

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