Parenting Styles Literature Review

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1.Background and literature review

There are several psychological literature examining the impact and influence of culture on parenting styles. However less work has been done on gender based parenting. Parenting styles are illustration of ways parents respond and demand to their children. Although gender roles aren’t continuously set in stone, it 's true that men and women typically bring completely different strengths, weaknesses and designs to the table once it involves several things, parenting being the major concern. Literature regarding parenting styles in European American samples has examined the role of both parent and child gender, specifically investigating whether mothers’ and fathers’ parenting styles differ for sons and daughters. Cross-cultural research has emerged that primarily compares parenting styles of mothers in Eastern and Western cultures. Relatively rare are studies of parenting style that have incorporated the examination of culture, parent gender, and child gender.

By definition, a parenting style is parameterized by sociology and psychology, presenting the strategies used by parents in the raising of their offspring. While most parents will develop their own styles of parenting in an evolutionary process affected by both the parents and the child’s personalities and so on, the major constructs of parenting are governed by culture and society.

Parenting style is a complex of methods and techniques which are used by parents in

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