Argumentative Essay: Should Parents Control Our Lives?

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Teenagers are extremely emotional human beings. As a teenager, I know that we are incessantly agonizing about every little thing in our lives. Also, we are still trying to figure out who we are, what we are, and who we want to be. However, some parents decide that they want to include themselves in every aspect of our lives. Parents controlling every aspect of teens’ lives are affecting teens in a negative way. Our parents raise us to be successful people; therefore, they can get carried away sometimes. I do believe that parents should control us, for we are living with them in their house. It is their job at the end of the day. They most definitely should be able to tell us where not to go, keep us from befriending the wrong people, do our chores and homework, et cetera. For example, I started smoking a few years ago. Because I did not find pleasure in doing so anyway, I stopped and realized that my parents did not raise me that way. However, what I believe they should not control is our personalities, beliefs,…show more content…
So you may ask, what does this have to do with parents? We all know that it is peer pressure that causes us to end up this way, or it is genetics, or so on. Well, this is when many are wrong. Many times, it is also the oppression our parents put onto us in order to be their archetypal teenagers, which is pretty ugly. As a girl, I was always told that being fat is faulty, and to this day, if I gain the slightest of weight, I am told that I need to lose weight because “my tummy got big”. I am not the only one with this problem. Almost all my friends have the same problem as I do. For instance, a friend of mine once told me that her dad promised to get her the watch she wanted if she lost weight. It is a real problem that none of us can do anything about because we already believe that being fat truly is a bad thing. Thus, being skinny becomes an
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