Parents Bad Habits

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Most children today see their parents as a role model and wish to be just like them. In the act of becoming like them, these kids inherit all of their parents bad habits as their own affecting them in the way that creates a negative foundation on that child's life. Child abuse, which occurs more often than popularly thought, causes long lasting scarring to a child physically and mentally. Abuse happens in more than one way. A parents negative influence such as, bad habits, may cause their children to be exposed to a inappropriate lifestyle. Although stopping children from performing some of these actions may not be possible, there are many other ways to help them so they don’t inherit these habits. A parents bad habits negatively affect their…show more content…
A good night’s sleep is just as important as a healthy diet. When a child sleeps for the recommended time, it lowers the risk of diabetes, becoming overweight, and learning problems. However when a parent is used to an irregular sleep schedule, a child is likely to adapt to it. The article “Irregular sleep habits of parents are associated with increased sleep problems and daytime sleepiness of children.” written by team of authors discusses a study they ran to find the relationship between and parent and child's sleep patterns.stating, “The frequency of daytime dozing is significantly high in children with evening-irregular sleep. Moreover, mothers of children with irregular sleep have significantly more irregular sleep habits than those of children with morning-regular sleep” (Komada, 1). Irregular sleeping patterns can lower the quality of sleep a child receives and may also cause sleep deprivation, sleep apnea, and other problems pertaining their mood. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine quoted Dr. Dean Beebe explaining, “First, inadequate sleep causes everyone, including children, to be biased towards seeing the world in a more negative light and less in a positive one” (Beebe, 2) Dr, Beebe went on to explain that poor sleep also lead to mood swings and negative actions towards events along with poor attention. Thus showing that parents inadequate sleep can cause major damage in a child's social life and behavior. The lack of sleep can leave a child with long term sleep deprivation increasing their risk for chronic illnesses. Poor sleeping habits can become detrimental, but by promoting the importance of sleep, children and their parents will see the need for a good night's sleep and lead them to a healthier
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