Parents: Causes And Mis Of Children In The Philippines

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The family is an important life setting where much of children’s care and socialization takes place. For older children and adolescents, family atmosphere and resources also create an essential factor of their quality of life directly moving their relational experiences and life changes. Parents are of great importance to a child’s healthy development. Since they are their child’s first tutors and role models, their duties are not just limited to providing nourishment and shelter to their children, but also include their offspring’s emotional well-being and safety. Children deprived of any of this stuff are predisposed to significant behavioral problems. Many researchers report that majority of the teenagers involved in unlawful acts come from a family who has either one or both the parents absent. Parents are a source of security and warmth for their children. With one or both the parents working abroad, the teen remains deprived of needs as mentioned earlier.
According to Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), the Philippines is one among the foremost providers of labor migrants in the world in 2014 (Huang, Yeoh, & Asis, 2015) with over eight million Filipinos are reported to work and reside outside the country. Nonetheless, some children left behind by migrant parents experience problems, such as adjusting to the absence of a loved one (Melgar & Borromeo, 2012), and seeing the struggles of their other household members in keeping themselves and their

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