Parents In Our Family

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Family is the basic unit of our society, which include our parents. It primarily consists a mother and a father. Parents are the people who bring babies into beings. Our parents play a big role in our growth and development, they play an important role in our social, emotional, physical, mental, career, and financial development. Our parents are considered as our first teachers, they are the ones who know us very well, our common traits, characteristics, hobbies, and what we like and what we love. There is this so-called unconditional love and that 's what our parents can offer us throughout our entire existence, they are the sole people for whom a child can expect love from, they are the ones who will be there for you in times of happiness and sorrow.
Our parents give us our basic wants and needs, they give us support financially. By this, it helps us in perceiving education which bring us to a better future ahead. They give us family support, and it starts with parents itself. They may be supportive in our school, our achievements, or personal life. When we have educated parents, they are able to help children in moving through the right path of their careers and developments. Virtuous parents are able to understand our strengths and weaknesses.
The success of our parent 's influence their children by different parenting styles that affect the child 's behavior, personality, attitude, and their emotional stability.
Parents are also the ones who give us the discipline in
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