Parents In The Outsiders

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Parents/Guardians are meant to take good care of their child or siblings. It’s their responsibility to feed them and give them shelter. Without parents, these children or siblings have no place to go other than the streets and cause trouble and join gangs. For example, in the book the Outsiders written by S.E Hinton the characters Johnny, Dally and Bob died because their parents didn’t care about them or matter to them. Their parents were responsible for their deaths.

On page 88 when Dally met Johnny and Ponyboy after their escape of jail and the death of Bob, Johnny asks Dally if his parents have asked about him. “My parents Johnny repeated doggedly did they ask about me ? No snapped Dally they didn’t blast it Johnny what do they matter?”. “Shoot my old man don’t give a hang whether I'm in jail or dead in a car wreck or drunk in the gutter”. Dally and Johnny’s parents didn’t care about them because Johnny's mother did
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For example parents are meant to guide children into the good path and to become a good person instead of setting a bad image for their children. In the book Bob was drunk so he couldn’t think straight and make good choices. Bob’s parents could have stopped Bob and called Bob to come home instead, he died on a night in the park by a stab in the back. In the book the Outsiders on page 107 Bob’s friend Cherry stated on the newspaper “Bob had been drunk and that the boys had been looking for a fight”. Also, Bob used to hang with the gang and start fights and problems. This shows that Bob died because he had bad parents.

In conclusion, bad parenting at an early age or at any age can get your son or daughter killed. The deaths of Johnnycake, Dallas and Bob were caused by their parents because Bob was drunk on the day he was killed and his parents couldn’t look after him. Dallas father didn’t care about him at all and Johnny’s mother cared for him at the last
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