Essay On Parents And Teachers Influence On Child Development

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Teachers and parents influences on a child’s academic development. Most of us wonder what or who exactly influences a child’s academic development, researchers believe that both sides play an equal role in a child’s academic development. According to Allen (2011, p.2), while it is recognized that parents and teachers play important roles in children’s lives and that teachers play a leading role in relation to children’s acquisition of academic skills and knowledge, the level of influence these key relationships have on academic performance scores in late childhood is largely unknown. This academic paper will explain the roles of each side and how it influences a child’s academic development. According to the dictionary, academic means area of studies that are not primarily vocational or applied, as the humanities or pure mathematics while child development refers to the process through which human beings typically grow and mature from infancy through adulthood. Teachers play an important role in a child’s life. According to Irene Shere (2012), Director of the Early Childhood Consultation Center, "The way that…show more content…
They do not have to buy expensive educational toys, gadgets or send their kids to self-enrichment classes, just a proper motivation and regularly checking their child’s academic performance can already help improve their child’s academic development. Levine (2010) said that, “The content of parents’ conversations with kids matters, too. Children who hear and talk about counting and numbers at home, start school with much more extensive mathematical knowledge. These findings suggest that encouraging parents to talk about numbers with their children, and providing them with effective ways to do so, may positively impact children’s school achievement”. Indirectly, by talking to their child, about any subjects, parents are also promoting language development, Paul
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