Parents Poverty Effects

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Natacha Phebe
Professor Angela Blewitt
ENC 1102
20 February 2018

Poverty effects on parents who have children
Parents who have children in poverty can be stressful. The U.S. Department of Education has studied that poor children are more likely to fall behind in grade school by the age of eighteen. Parents who are struggling not being able to provide the needs for their child are unlikely to be supportive. Parents who are depressed act more harsh towards their child than loving parents which will cause the child to be more depressed seeing how loved other children are towards their parents. “It is reported that women, children, and the elderly are overrepresented among those with housing problems”.
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Without sanitation in their home children are not especially vulnerable to life threatening infections. When children and parents have health issues it is hard to get out of it. When children have an ongoing condition that requires the parents have a fear of losing their job and money in does not see no point in going. In some children who benefit from speech issues makes it hard for the parents to spend money on therapist because of the cost that comes with it. In because of that it leads families to live in unsuitable homes. Doctors are unable to discharge patients with unstable homes. Even though doctors are trying to make things better it is actually getting worse. Clean homes that are provided with protection can reduce the amount of sickness among parents and children. “The World Bank’s work in the area of health equity and financial protection is defined by the 2007 Health, Nutrition and Population Strategy”. The strategy prevents property due to illness by improving financially. The bank helps reduce the cost of health to people in…show more content…
Natural disasters can affect families in poverty because the poverty they were in can get worse. Most natural disasters does not look good for families in poverty. The housing conditions they are living in can get destroyed even worse than it was before. The impact on disasters can be a cause of losing a loved one, personal objects that are meaningful towards someone, injuries, health problems, and many more. Natural disasters are more severe in low income homes because of their living condition. Disaster risk in rural areas are invisible because of the low density. Poor rural are more exposed because it is hard for them to replace their low income losses. It is also hard for them to access food. All the food they once had is now gone in there is no access towards their damaged home. Families in poverty may become homeless for a while because of the cost of poverty rent. Natural disasters in poorer countries has a higher death rate. Most of the countries is filled with poverty in once a disaster hit their is no turning back. “During a time of increased concern about income inequality and climate change risk, natural disaster exposure risk could become another cause of rising quality of life inequality between the rich and the poor” (Boustan, Yanguas, Kahn,

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