Effects Of Poverty On Children

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Natacha Phebe Professor Angela Blewitt ENC 1102 20 February 2018 Poverty effects on parents who have children Parents who have children in poverty can be stressful. The U.S. Department of Education has studied that poor children are more likely to fall behind in grade school by the age of eighteen. Parents who are struggling not being able to provide the needs for their child are unlikely to be supportive. Parents who are depressed act more harsh towards their child than loving parents which will cause the child to be more depressed seeing how loved other children are towards their parents. “It is reported that women, children, and the elderly are overrepresented among those with housing problems”.…show more content…
Children are able to develop into adulthood hole they are seeing the responsibility their parents experience. The children brain in poverty is different from other children because they witness so much violence, housing problems and family issues. These children feel like their is no hope for the future in it can lead to not continuing. This can be extremely hard for a child to achieve success. Not only do they feel like their is not hope but they also feel like there is no going back. “Lower household income and educational attainment were associated with greater amounts of negativity in mothers’ interactions with their children” (Winer, Thompson, and Davis). Parents struggle with not being able to be there for their child through there hardest time. There is less nurture in the house which can lead to depression among the child. Children in poverty isolate themselves from students at school in have nobody to lean on but themselves. They are more likely to be bullied because of their grades. Middle class students are able to afford tutors in receive that extra help. Something needs to be done with children in poverty. Children in poverty deserves to be treated differently because of their financial stability. Not only should they be able to have access to computers in other things for education 24 hours in a day but be able to ask questions without being afraid. Parents…show more content…
Families in poverty does not think their is still hope. With hard work and determination their is a way out. Low income families will do anything to get out of poverty. As a community everyone has to get together including the government to help families escape poverty. “Social service programs are doing their best to help low income families transition out of poverty” (Clark and Babcock). Poverty is difficult to escape because most jobs require education in without the education there is no job. Crittenton Women’s Union has helped women in poverty by giving them the skills needed to stay out of poverty. Since then 74 percent of Crittenton participants are working or in school. People are seeing how involved the city, state, and federal programs are towards people in poverty. The programs is important to help provide low income families who are willing to work hard to move out of poverty. The federal government can now work together with social services to give families in poverty a second chance in
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