Parents Should Not Vaccinate Their Children Essay

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September 18,2015 Should Parents Avoid Vaccinating their Children? Parents and adults around the world have been very cautious when it comes to vaccinating their children. Some parents believe that vaccinations cause their child to have autism, while there are parents who believe children should get vaccinations to prevent diseases and viral infections. Amanda Gardner from Health Day Reporter states that “As long as vaccinations against disease have been around, there have been die-hard opponents convinced that these shots do more harm than good.” If parents do not vaccinate their children, then how are children going to fight off infections that they come in contact with? Researchers have concluded that vaccines are good for the health. In 2009, Philip J. Smith PhD and a group of his
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Without vaccinations, a majority of the population young or old could possibly die from infections or diseases, if they don’t take antibiotics or consider in taking shots. As the human population grows and evolves, new strains of infections and germs multiply as well. It beneficial to have less complications in old lives and young lives then having to always going into the hospital for the littlest things such as flu shots and strep throat. These visits to the doctors can be brought down way less if you just follow what the doctors recommends. As the human population grows and evolves, so will current strains of viruses and germs. Doctors work closely with researchers to discover these new strains to develop the proper vaccine for the old and young. While it is true that vaccines are more effective than not receiving one at all, people will continue debating whether introducing a virus into the bloodstream will make the difference between life and

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