Paris Chase And The Sword Of Summer Analysis

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Magnus chase and The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan, do I need to say more? With this amazing author writing another of his series you can be ensured that this story is full of laughs. It was published in 2015 and is another fictional series revolving around an old religion, in this case Norse mythology. Magnus is a 16 year old who lives on the streets of Boston, and when his uncle Randolph starts looking for him, he finds out something absolutely mind-blowing, his father is actually a Norse god. He must find a sword that belonged to his father but he is not the only one who wants it, Surt a fire giant is also wanting it to free Fenris the wolf who will trigger dooms day. (SPOILER: Magnus dies in 45 pages) Magnus makes countless allies along the way and goes on many adventures before…show more content…
They ultimately win but not without sacrifice and are congratulated by Odin himself. The story finishes with Magnus telling his cousin (SPOILER) Annabeth Chase that she will not believe what he has been through, though she highly doubts he will shock her. Then we cut to the epilogue to find that Loki, a recurring character in Magnus’ dreams was in league with Uncle Randolph the whole time and that they haven’t even begun yet. This story was interesting and left me on a very annoying cliffhanger, I can’t wait to continue reading the future installments of this book. Magnus Chase though caracterised similarly to Percy Jackson still is an interesting and fresh feeling character. He can think very quickly on his feet and that is what saves him from danger most of the time. This is shown in chapter 45 when Magnus found out his sword could talk, as he quickly figures out not
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