Park Observation

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Cody Palladino

Professor Regis

English 113

6 February 2016

Observation essay: Public Park
Many people have different views and opinions in the world living today. There is one place like nowhere else where people are aiming toward a certain goal of relaxation. The park where people can completely relax doing common interest. It is a place that people can escape the harsh and cruelness of the world through enjoying the peace and serenity of nature. Many people don't take into account and admire the surroundings that were created for us. This is why I have chosen to observe my own public park.
February 6, 2016 was a rather unusual winter day because of the high temperatures that was in the 90° F. During the early afternoon when I arrived
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Three children were swinging trying to race and swing the highest, believing they were going to touch the Moon. Across the swings, a mother attentively awaits for her young daughter to slide down the bright yellow slide. Children on the spring horses were laughing and pushing each other so hard there little heads look like they would fall off. Most of the kids where on the faded red Merry-Go-Round whipping their heads back and grabbing the metal bar with their tiny palms. This event brought me back to my childhood memories at the…show more content…
An older man and woman with matching sweatshirts and pants were holding hands adoring each other and the park. Another woman with a pink ball cap and blue tank top with black shorts was right behind the older couple with what looked to be like 5-pound dumbbells in each of her hands. My attention was drifting away from the people walking the park to the louder and louder traffic noise on the busy main street of hamner. With people heading home from work, getting stuck in traffic, the sound of horns were enhancing and becoming a recurring sound.
All in all, relaxation can easily be achieved at your local park. From walking your dog, to playing with your kids, the park is the perfect place for endless outdoor activities and events. The park is a door to escape the harshness of the world and return to reality with a new mind set on the world. Most public parks offer amazing sceneries of nature from plants and trees to wildlife. The presence of nature warms my heart bringing relaxation and peace upon my body and

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