Parker Hannifin's Success

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1. Based on your quality knowledge, what are the critical factors that accounted to Parker Hannifin's success? What lessons can other companies learn from this case study and Parker Hannifin's success? In my opinion, the most important factor that contribute to Parker Hannifin’s success is their responsibility to their employees and their company. They always look for improvement, and they understand that employees are as important as customers. Therefore, to increase customer satisfaction, they know that they have to invest on training to their employees know to thrill, retain and keep customer coming back. They give employees the ideas about how Disney can be famous about their customer service, and let employees figure out by themselves how to do it. It is not an enforcement, it is an encouragement. The cooperation with Disney, which is well-known for its customer service, shows that they real care about customers. The requirement to attend the training program is simple, having passion for customers and be respected by fellow employees, it is not limited to any department because they understand that customer service is whole…show more content…
Invest on employees is long term investing which will bring the profit for organization later. The fact is not so many companies are willing to invest their money like Parker Hannifin. They will not agree to corporate with Disney, and spend that much of money for employees to visit Walt Disney World® Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. They cannot ensure this will bring profit for them. Others companies learn a lesson from Parker Hannifin that they need to understand employees are as important as customers, since they give employees the best that they have, employees will give you and customers the best that employees have. It is an exchange benefit for both parties. Additionally, when employees are happy, they are willing spread the happiness to
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