Parker Hardcastle Narrative

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Parker Hardcastle p.2 813/17 I am Parker Hardcastle a boy who lives in a small town in Arizona called Sierra Vista. I do plenty of things in this town but sometimes it can get boring that is why people go to places like Tucson. Sierra Vista is a smaller town but has around 50 thousand people in it still. Back to the topic I will be talking about what I Like to do and do on a daily basis. First off I like to mountain bike with my friends as much as I can even though sometimes it can end off with one of us crashing. There is plenty of places to ride mountain bikes such as Brown Canyon, Carr Canyon, and Many others. Overall my favorite part about it is the adrenaline going down the mountain as fast as I can without crashing. Some of my friends also enjoy this activity but this is one of many things I do on a daily basis. Second…show more content…
Most of my friends like the stuff that I do, But all of them love eating pizza and playing basketball this brings us to another activity that I like to do which is play basket ball, I mostly play it with my cousin Chris because we have been practicing with each other ever since we where little and we are always constantly getting better. The final thing is I love to drive I just recently got my license a few weeks ago. I cannot stop wanting to drive even if it is to get things for my mom. I also like to work on my car to get it to the best it can look. It is a dark red color and has a bike rack for my mountain bike when I go with my friends. Most of my friends like it that I can drive because I can take us to the park to play basketball against other people from sierra vista which is really cool too! There is a story about my life (Parker Hardcastle) I Told you everything I like to do in this town of sierra vista. There might not be a lot of things to do here but might as well make the most of it while I can. In the following paragraphs you can see everything I do in my life on pretty much a daily
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