Parker Jones Junior High School: A Short Story

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RIING!! RIING!! RIING!! The bell sounds at Parker Jones Junior High School. 500 6th, 7th, and 8th graders walk through the halls into their first period class. Isabella, one of the most studious students in her 7th grade class, gets her books from her locker eager to get to her first class. She walks confidently despite the constant pushing an shoving throughout the halls. On the other side of the hall was none other than Respusia, the most intimidating person in the hallway. She towered over everybody at 6 feet 5 inches and filled the halls with her 350 pound body. She had a slight mustache on her upper lip and as she went through halls, all the kids could smell her foul stench. She did anything she wanted to with no regard towards anyone safety. Respusia stuffed the…show more content…
She stormed out of the girl’s bathroom ready to face Respusia. She walked outside and was immediately greeted by Respusia. “Where have you been Izzy? Were you scared or something?”. “No Respusia! Actually I have something to say to you in front of everyone. You aren’t as big and strong as you think you are. Actually you are the weakest of us all. I’ve seen how you have treated people throughout this school and I know the secret behind all of this. Your large 300 hundred pound body is nothing but intimidating to us. You bully people to take away from the pressure of you being fat. This is the only way that you can fit in and I can’t believe I was so afraid of someone so weak and ugly”. There was nothing but silence as everyone was waiting for what Respusia would say. But she said nothing. All she could do was just stand there. Everything that she said was true and it was obvious. She was weak, and she did bully people to avoid the fact that she was fat. The crowed cheered for Isabella as Respusia walked off. She couldn’t be more proud of herself knowing that she was able to put down Respusia. Not with her fist, but with the strongest weapon there is, her

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