Parkinson Disease Research Paper

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Parkinson disease is a degenerative disorder of basal ganglia function that results in variable combination of tremor, rigidity, akinesia/ bradykinesia, and postural changes. The causes of Parkinson disease is unknown, but it is widely believed that most cases are caused by an interaction of environmental and genetic factors. It is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movements. It is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that is one of the most common neurologic disorders of older adults. The disorder is characterized by progressive destruction of the nigrostriatal pathway, with subsequent reduction in striatal concentration of dopamine. The prevalence of Parkinson disease is the United States is estimated at 1.0% of…show more content…
Discuss the common clinical manifestations of PD. There are about twelve or so common symptoms or manifestations that you need to discuss in regards to what they are and what causes them to appear. There are also some manifestations that are not as common and I would like you to discuss those as well. (4 points)

Tremor- this beings in a limb. A person will notice there fingers moving back and forth rubbing on there thumb or other figures. The affected body part trembles when it is not performing an action. Some tremors can be exacerbated by stress or excitement.

Postural instability- this is a tendency to be unstable when standing uprights. A person with postural instability has lost some of the reflexes needed for maintaining an upright posture and may topple
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This can be done in a swallow test if needed. The nurse should explain the importance of a high calories, high protein, and high fiber diet. For some patient they will need to be put on a soft diet with small meals during the day. The nurse will continue to monitor for constipation and explain to the patient they need to be monitoring this is they live at home. We can help them use PT and OT to assist with ambulation and provide any assistive devise that they may need. They should avoid prolonged sitting. We want to encourage the patient to be as

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