Parkinson's Disease Research Paper

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Parkinson 's disease is classified as a disease that impairs bodily movement by affecting the nervous system. Van Den Eeden suggest that people under the age of years old have a 12 in 100,000% chance of getting Parkinson 's disease, while people over the age of 50 years old have about 44 in 100,000% chance in getting Parkinson 's. Problems that are associated with Parkinson 's disease include tremors, bradykinesia, and postural instability; all exhibit some forms of motor loss or involuntary movement. In an article Thomas wrote on Parkinson 's disease he suggest that medications that are being used to treat Parkinson 's disease are only providing temporary treatment for the dopaminergic neurons. Current treatments are not affecting the…show more content…
Thomas and associates are looking into how Parkinson 's is cased because most cases are sporadic, however genes have been discovered that link the disease to rare familial forms of Parkinson 's. Studies that have been done suggest that mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative damage, abnormal protein accumulation and protein phosphorylation as key concepts in the diminishing dopamine neuronal function. It is believed that some of the factors that contribute to the clinical symptoms are environmental factors and genetic causation, or a mixture of both. With genetics playing a role in the development of Parkinson 's it has provided clues to understanding molecular pathogenesis of Parkinson 's. While studying Parkinson 's disease, Thomas found that there are five genetic causes for the disease. The first is locus PARK1 and PARK2, it is a presynaptic protein that helps with vesicle recycling and storage. The missense mutations in the locus with the addition of the triplication 's leads to the autosomal dominate disease. PARK2, otherwise known as PARKIN is used in the protection of proteins, its protection is crucial for dopamine neurons to survive. The mutation of the locus a believed to be the cause of the autosomal recessive gene of Parkinson 's that is detected…show more content…
One of the main reason I decided to write on Parkinson 's disease is because after my college life I plan to study medicine, more specifically I plan to study the brain and how it works. For the past year I have worked in an emergency room that takes any type of patient and some of the patients that come in have Parkinson 's disease. Looking at someone with this disease is very emotional because all I want to do is help with because I can see that they are trying to control themselves, but are having a very hard time with it. Another very emotional aspect of it is seeing a patients family member and knowing that they would do anything to try and help but it is out of their reach to give them help. Even though Parkinson 's only affects a small percentage of the world, helping to find a cure for this disease could potentially save someone else 's world. Since Parkinson 's disease starts in the brain I want look at the ways it could be suppressed to stop the tremors. Much research can be done to look at the different ways to stop the communication from the brain to the nerve endings. One of the many goals I have set for my medical career is to find ways to stop certain communications from the brain to the rest of the body, without

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