Parliament Sovereignty In Mauritius

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Parliament sovereignty and the Judiciary in Mauritius
The Judicature is that branch of the State that has the duty of interpretation. It should only be interpreting authoritative source of law of that state and is not concerned with the enactment of legislations. Disputes arising between one individual with another individual or an individual with the Sate or another body should be submitted to the Judiciary, it is the only body which has the competency to solve these disputes. One of the most essential and indispensable functions of the separation of powers, as important as parliament supremacy is the independence of the Judiciary.
In a democratic society where judges have the duty of deciding upon whether the acts of government are legal
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It should run government affairs as per the law and the interpretation given to it by the Courts.
The Executive branch consist of the the prime minister who has the responsibility of the National Assembly. It is the President of the State who will appoint the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister recommends the President for the appointment of the Council. Directing and controlling the Government is the Council of Ministers (cabinet responsibility. The latter is composed the prime minister who is head of government, the leader of the majority party in the legislature, and about 24 ministers including one Deputy Prime Minister and/or one Vice Prime Minister.
The Executive branch being with the Cabinet have 4 most powerful executive offices, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and 2 offices of Vice Prime Minister. They hold the executive power and authority over the cabinet and also help the Prime Minister in his tasks and
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Where the constitution provides for the separation of powers of executive and legislature, the members who sits in the parliament in the legislative power to vote for a law are the very person who also sits in the executive in their executive power to implement the law they themselves voted: it can be said that the executive is therefore controlling the legislature and vice versa. Ministers are the one who make the policy and draft the bill, so when the bill is going through the Parliamentary stage, the member of the Parliament will try to support the Minister’s proposal because they are in same

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