Parlour Games In The Victorian Era Essay

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Parlour games in the Victorian Era was to drive people into interacting and making people laugh and getting away from the stress that the world was in because during the Victorian Era it was a big stress world because of all of the wars going on in the world. While there were many forms of entertainment three parlour games were the most popular at the time for the Victorian Era people because they were pretty much portable games cause you could of played them when you was in a car at your house or when you was at school.
How did the people of the Victorian era do instead of play parlour games? What games did they play to kill time? Parlour games in the Victorian era was to drive people into interacting and entertaining. While their were many
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The way that you play lookabout is that it is like Eye Spy. The second game Blind man 's bluff is like the game mummy you have to try to find someone that is standing still and tag them blind folded. The way that you play the sculptor is that you have to try and make the player guess what you are drawing. Parlour games helped a lot with people getting depressed and people killing themselves and get themselves out of jobs. People in the Victorian Era times were amazed because they didn’t have anything to do back in the day and now they have stuff to do instead of work all of time for money and they could of enjoyed there time with family and friends and have a good time. It also took a lot of stress away during the deep depression because everyone was down at the time and you had to have a way to do more things than work all of the time. They tried to make up their own games with rocks and sticks most of the time but it did not really work a lot so other people made up all of the other games and they started to spread. And that is how parlour games became a thing because most of the people that spread the word about parlour games was in a bar at the time that they started to spread it around. But they spread it like how they spread now days everyone telling people about it. Another part of the parlour games was when they were doing
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