Parody And Satire In Monty Python

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Monty Python is a parody, and satire of the medieval times of Arthur. It gives a sarcastic view on the stories of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. It still has the religious aspect in the stories but they mock or making fun of this the most. The theme of this movie is to show how King Arthur and the knights of the round table took the power of god over the hedge. Also it takes all the honor out of the king Arthur tales and gives it a funny twist. In the movie King Arthur and his knights are trying to get through a cave but then a wizard appeared and said there was furious bunny that will kill anyone who is trying to get through. So they bring out the holy grenade. This is way different then the books because there was …show more content…

There was a scene with Sir Lancelot killing everyone in a castle for no reason. He thought he was saving a fair maiden but he was actually rescued the prince. Also that there was a chubby and ugly maiden that was supposed to be married. This makes no sense because because They made a joke about one of the quest as well they made. They had a full on dance routine and song to make fun of the medieval times. Also in the movie they made all the character look crazy. All of them rode on imaginary horses and they weren’t as intelligent. Chivalric code was not present in this movie and it made fun of the honor and braveness of the tales of king Arthur. This was also shown when the king and the knights want to get in the castle for shelter. In the tales they would have been let in but in the movie they disgraced the king and didn’t let him in. Then they also started throwings at the king and laughing at him. Monty Python and The Holy Grail was made just to take the seriousness out of the stories of Arthur. There was no Chivalry in the movie and they made fun of the role of religion. They were all crazy and had no honor for the people of their country or kingdom. The whole purpose of the movie was to make fun of the stories and to show how ridiculous most of the tales really

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