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The thing I want to do when I complete college is to be a parole officer. A parole officer job supervise criminal offenders who have been released from prison. They monitor parolees, help them find suitable living arrangements and meet with assigned parolees regularly. To be able to compete in this career field I have to earn a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, psychology, or social work. After completing 4 years of college I will have to complete a series classes that cover correctional strategies, forensics, legal research, criminal psychology and offender rehabilitation. I also must pass a physical exam, and some agencies seek prospective parole officers within the age twenty-one thru thirty seven. Finally, I must clear a thorough background check to make sure that I am psychologically stable to work in this field. The skills and talents that I…show more content…
They generally work a 40-hour week, but vary due to the caseload you may work longer. Officers may be on call 24 hours a day to supervise and may have to assist offenders at any time of the day. The benefits of an officer is high level of job security. Despite efforts to understand criminals and stop crime it will always be there no matter what happens.officers get very competitive benefits. Federal employee benefits are based on federal guidelines, while state officers are paid based on state government pay schedules.For example, officer benefits include paid vacation, sick leave, pensions and health, dental and life insurance coverage, according to the California Employment Development Department. Overall the reason why I chose this path is because of how it inspires me to help other who need it the most.As a kid I watched countless movies of superheroes trying to help the world or their communities and that what I want to do is help people with their second chance so the will not go back into

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