The Fall River Tragedy: The Murder Of Lizzie Borden

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“Parricide is the murder of a parent by a child… parricides account only for 2% of all murders.” An example of a parricide case would be the Lizzie Borden murder case. This case involved the murders of Lizzie’s father, Andrew and her step-mother, Abby Borden. Suspected of the murders is Lizzie Borden, the 32-year old daughter of Andrew. This is odd if thought about, because what motive would the daughter have to kill her parents? The murder, the case, and the outcome are crucial to understand why the daughter was the suspect, and what events and problems may have caused her to commit the murder. The Borden family murder was interesting to say the least, especially with their original suspect, and much of the evidence found proves this. But first, the background of the family needs to…show more content…
They’re still not quite sure with what had happened to this meal to make the family sick, but in The Fall River Tragedy: A History of the Borden Murders, the family thinks they have been poisoned, which is entirely possible (Porter 108). Because it is stated that Lizzie tried purchasing arsenic and prussic acid. Back in the “Trial of Lizzie Borden” it mentions how during the murder, Mrs. Borden was on her way to work on the guest room, and it was there that she was murdered. An hour after Mrs. Borden was murdered, Mr. Borden finally returned home, and Mr. Borden wasn’t feeling too well, so he went to take a nap (Pearson 20/22). Then, Bridget, the house maid, went up to her room and also fell asleep. Bridget woke up to Lizzie yelling for her because her father was dead (Pearson 22/23). In a newspaper article, dated August 13, 1892, it is described that Mr. Borden was found on a velvet sofa with seven long gashes on his face and in the guest chamber Mrs. Borden was found lying in a pool of her own blood with the same types of gashes on the face. Also in The Fall
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