Parrinday Ki Fariyad Analysis

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6) The Bird’s Complaint (parinde ki fariya:d) The poem “Parinday ki fariyad”, Iqbal has portrayed a caged bird’s longing for freedom. In this poem, the poet talks about the India’s servitude, etc. He conveyed messages to children through the poem and used personication and metaphor as allegorical device. 7) Moth and Candle (šama: ɔr parwa:na:) This is one of the interesting poems by Iqbal that talks about the human insignificance in the face of divine knowledge and power. The parwana is a beautiful, often used image of human aspiration and desire to break out of 'humanity'. The poem also reiterates the fact that in a bid to acquire what the finite humanity cannot fathom it loses itself in momentary fire-works which ends in naught. On the other hand it also shows that…show more content…
11) A Bird and Firefly (ik parinda: ɔr jugnu) In the poem ‘A Bird and Firefly’, they talked God blessed my wings with shine and gave you the pleasing tweet. Burning never apposes soothing and in the world grief follows affluences. These two things provide balance in the world exists and also cause the manifestation of rise and fall. It is an allegory that uses insect and bird in a poem to describe all creatures are equal in the world. 12) Moon and Stars (ča:nd ɔr ta:re) In the poem “The Moon and the Stars”, the stars express weariness caused by the eternal journey. The moon reminds them that movement is the essence of life and only those who move endure; those who get tired die. The poet comes to realize that the “arrest of movement” gives rise to historical gains; human history is enacted in a universe in which change is the eternal law of time. However, the universe keeps growing and numerous treasures add to its history at every moment. Iqbal finds hope in the awareness of this eternal

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