Parro Dreams Of Passion Analysis

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Abstract: With the influence of globalization, the ideas of shifting and liberation in the mind of women throw a new light in the attitude of modern women. Sometimes it leads to sweet experiences in their life and rest of the life move smoothly. But in most of the cases it leads those into pathetic situation and left bitter experiences and rest of the life went on worst. This paper titled: “New Perspectives in the attitude of Modern Women - A Study on Women characters; ‘Paro’ and ‘Priya’ of Namita Gokhale” focuses on how Namita Gokhale projects new perspectives of women characters as the symbol of liberation and shifting women. Priya and Paro are the major female characters in her first novel “Paro: Dreams of Passion” which create their own world and think in a different way. She neither directly opposes the world of male nor accepts the norms of patriarchal society. She creates a sensation with the development of Paro who can be treated as modern woman with her own ideology. She gives top…show more content…
It leads the understanding of women world without boundaries to their desires. Paro is the main protagonist who boldly searches for her life and also a rebellion of women against the traditions. Paro tries to reject the patriarchal rules in the Indian society. She uses all the male characters to fulfill her desires and used as a medium. She considers herself as a superior at every step of her life. This clearly exhibits with the relation of her husband B.R. and also in the case of extra marital affairs. She used her charm as a weapon to exploit others. Independent attitude of Paro attracts another woman Priya who gave a partial importance to the social norms. Priya accepted the dominance of Suresh, her husband and also gives respect to the bondage develop with marriage. She was forced to follow the traditional land

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