Parrot In The Oven: An Analysis

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“When you teach your son you are teaching your son’s son.” Imagine not being allowed to eat your dinner because your alcoholic dad decided to stay at the bar all day, and not fitting in at school.This is how it is for Manuel (Manny) Hernandez the main character and narrator, of the novel Parrot In The Oven by Victor Martinez. I can relate to Manny’s narrative because of his struggles with fitting in and his dad getting arrested, but I can not relate to having an alcoholic dad.

Manny Hernandez and I both have issues fitting in. Manny tries out boxing in order to fit in or to be one of the cool kids.”he made me his equipment manager and handler,”(Martinez 119). Lencho made Manny feel he was somewhat important.This relates to my own personal life because I have issues fitting in and finding friends that I can trust especially now that I am in High School. So, I joined FBLA. I can relate to Manny because I joined something to make friends or to be cooler.
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Hernandez’s favorite place (bar) to go to. Sometimes when his dad stays out for long periods of time his mom will not let anybody eat until his dad comes home. “Having eaten only cornmeal that morning… I sure wasn’t looking forward to go to Rico’s again. Until the problem of Dad was solved she wouldn’t let anybody eat.” (Martinez 49). Manny’s dad will not come home from Rico’s for days at a time and Mrs. Hernandez would not let her kids eat without Mr. Hernandez being home. I do not have an alcoholic for a father but my biological father would leave for two or three weeks at a time. My father would leave but I would still be able to eat. He would leave so he could hang out with his new
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