Parrot In The Oven Character Analysis

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In Victor Martinez’s novel, Parrot in the Oven, Martinez makes up a lifestyle of a kid and his family and how they live. He wrote about a kid named Manny who lives in projects in Fresno with his mom, dad, two sisters and brother away from the city and more “wealthy people”. Martinez uses internal monologue, dialog and action to create character development in the book Parrot in the Oven. Victor Martinez uses internal monologue, dialog and action throughout the book to help you understand the main character of his story. Martinez uses internal monologue when he describes what Manny is thinking when Manny and his brother Nardo are working in the chili fields. In the quote, Manny states, “I looked over at the mexican man working on the rows next to ours and nodded in agreement. He handled all four rows by himself”…show more content…
Martinez uses dialogue when Manny is talking to his teacher about how his summer was spent. In the quote, Mannys teacher says, “What have you been doing this summer?” Mr. Hart asked finally, snapping out of his thoughts. “I have been working in variety of jobs.” I spoke organized English to Mr. Hart, maybe a bit to organized” (90, Martinez). This shows that Manny is trying to make the best of himself and give a good impression. Around his teacher, he tries to improve the way he talks so he can sound more sophisticated and educated. Another way he uses dialogue when Manny's sister is talking to him about their mom not finding out about her going out. In the quote, Manny’s sister states, “If your thinking of telling any lies to mom about me, you better think again.” She gave my hair a yank and held on with a twisting pinch. “Do you hear me?!” (102, Martinez). This shows Manny is mistreated by his sister and he can’t do much since she is manipulative. In conclusion, Manny likes to make a good impression but he does not know how to stand up for
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