Parsi Wedding Ceremony

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Parsi Wedding Ceremony
Wedding ceremonies are considered to be one of the most sacred rituals in any religion. Like any other wedding, Parsi weddings also attribute the bond of love, respect and honour a couple shares for the rest of their lives. Parsi weddings are said to be a mixture of fun and grandeur. The blend of tradition and customs borrowed from other cultures are attached in their rites and rituals. Parsi weddings unveil ethics, set of core values and intangible flame as per the Zoroastrian tradition that have been preserved and protected through ages in a manner that is extremely phenomenal.
Parsi wedding or Lagan is celebrated with several pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies:
Rupia Peravanu Ceremony: This ceremony is one of the pre-wedding celebrations of Parsi marriage and holds its unique importance. This ceremony is that of an appreciation when the families of the to-be bride and groom acknowledge the couple’s decision to get married. This ceremony begins when ladies from the to-be groom’s family visit the bride’s place and offer some monetary gifts to the to-be bride. The mother of the girl welcomes the ladies by performing a ritual named “Achu-michu.” First of all, Tilak with Kunkun is applied on the forehead of all the ladies and then the egg is passed around their heads after which it is thrown on the ground. This ritual is performed to destroy the presence of evil in the ceremony. The ceremony marks the offerings of gifts to
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