The Kromfohrlander: Pets

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Kromfohrlander 1. Full name is Kromfohrlander 2. Other names include Länder and Kromi 3. They stand between 15 to 18 inches (Males and Females) 4. Their weight is between 25 to 35 pounds (Males) and 20 to 30 pounds (Females) 5. Life expectancy is 10 to 13 years 6. Coat colors include white with brown, red or tan markings 7. Their coat is either wirehaired or smooth 8. This breeds temperament is obedient, loving and loyal 9. Country of origin: Germany 10. Average puppy price is between $500 and $1000 11. Their size type is medium 12. They are average shedders Introduction This breed looks as some sort of cross between a dog and a beagle. There are two varieties of Kromfohrlander, the wirehaired one and the smooth haired one. The wirehaired variety is said to resemble Parson Russell Terriers. Their body is only slightly longer than their tail. History and Health -History The Kromi (this is their nickname) is believed to have originated in 1940’s Germany. They are the only dog breed which descended from military dogs that were used as mascots. The “Original Peter” was found in France during the Second World War by American soldiers. This breed was first recognized by the FCI in 1955 when it was brought for showing purposes. These dogs were first introduced to America…show more content…
They are very lively and intelligent dogs that love to play. They are good-natured and very adaptable. These dogs are known to be “people dogs” which means they are closely connected to their master and dare not stray too far away from him or her. They do not react very well to strangers (be it people or animals) but can quickly become good friends if socialized properly. They are not recommended for single working owners because of their need for attention. These dogs enjoy doing watchdog and guard duties for their owners. They can be described as spirited and curious, yet clever and
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