Parson's Idea Of The Sick Role Essay

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1). “Parson’s idea of the sick role.” Parson introduced his theory of the sick role in his book The Social System (1951). His idea is founded on the theory that being sick is not a deliberate and knowing choice of the sick person. The sick person is considered different because he or she disturbs the social rules but he/she can’t help it. Parsons advises to sick person might be involved in the sick role in order to have their break of social duties agreed. (Giddens, n. d) Usually, society creates the difference among different roles by punishing because of suicides and given that helpful care for sick. “Both processes function to reduce deviance and change conditions that delay conditions of social agencies. The sick role involves behavioral base beliefs and is protected by the rules of society corresponding to these beliefs.” (Giddens, n. d) And it has…show more content…
“Why modern women develop high levels of stress.” Normally, stress is what we feel when we have to respond to a demand for our energy. According to Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, (2000). “Stress is a natural part of life and occurs when there are important changes in our lives, whether positive or negative. It is believed that some stress is okay but when stress occurs in amounts that individuals cannot handle with, both mental and physical changes may occur.” Although, stress is a growing concern in the current centuries, where women gradually face conditions of overwork, insecurity, low levels of satisfaction, and lack of independence. Stress has been shown to have a harmful effect on the health and wellbeing of women. “However, there are measures that individuals can take to improve the negative impact of stress, or to stop it from arising in the first place. Either, women first need to learn to recognize the signs that indicate they are feeling stressed out, and husbands need to be aware of the effects that stress has on their wife’ health as well as on the family” (Melanie,

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