Part 1 Summary And Analysis Of Food By Marion Nestle

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Marion Nestle divides this book into five parts. Part one, undermining dietary advice, talks about how confusing it is for Americans to understand nutrition and what to eat; it talks about how hardly any American knows the federal dietary guidelines. The major source of nutrition knowledge comes directly from the media and indirectly from the food industry itself. Part one describes how the nutritional guidelines are not based solely on scientific evidence, but on political compromise. Part two, working the system, discusses how food companies lobby Congress, use personal connections with legislators and agency officials who can promote regulations, and use nutrition experts to approve their products. Part three, exploiting kids corrupting schools, talks about how children at or under the poverty line are far more likely in danger of nutritional deficiencies and discusses the childhood obesity epidemic and how companies specifically target their advertisements at young children, especially through schools. Deregulating dietary supplements or part four, discusses how supplemental companies convinced everyone that their products didn 't have to be regulated to strict…show more content…
A lot of pictures are also used to describe what products she 's talking about.

This book is very relevant to what we 've been talking about in class. It obviously covers the topic of food and politics, but it also covers the society and how society acts in the marketplace. It covers the science, by discussing the science behind how companies market their products and when it discusses whether or not companies have scientific evidence to support/not support their products.

The book has a great understanding of how food corporations market their products and influence political leaders and other experts. It really knows how large corporations work from the
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