Part-Time Indian Struggles

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Facing struggles of life defines one’s character in life. The ability to confront one’s problems speaks volumes about their strength in character, hopefulness, and flexibility as a person. Through struggles, sacrifice, and tragedy, Junior in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie, Junior adapts to survive difficult situations and faces his problems head-on. As he makes radical changes to his life, adapts to unfamiliar culture, and finds himself amongst misery and heartbreak, Junior demonstrates this ability to overcome wicked adversity and struggles. First, Junior confronts the dreariness of the Wellpinit school system by deciding to transfer to the Reardan school system. His decision begins when he drives a book…show more content…
Junior initially shows this quality when he averts his lack of money at the breakfast after the dance. Sick with worry, Junior confesses his lack of money to Roger, who responds with care by lending him money. Though Junior lies about the location of his wallet out of shame, he bravely asks for help from Roger. Thus, he approaches his dilemma with courage which indicates his capability to acclimate. Also, Junior reacts to the heartbreak of his grandmother’s death by finding an outlet to his struggles. By constructing lists of people, foods, books, and musicians that bring him happiness, Junior finds a unique way to grieve for his losses. He reflects, “I keep writing and rewriting, drawing and redrawing, and rethinking and revising and reediting. It became my grieving ceremony” (Alexie 178). Junior’s ceremony forms hope out of a bitter misery surrounding him. In this adaptation, Junior confronts sorrow with the positivity of his disposition and strength of his character. Ultimately, this maintains the hope that defines Junior as extraordinary at the novel’s beginning. Finally, Junior adjusts to his sister’s death by surrounding himself with hope. Unlike after his grandmother 's death, Junior immediately returns to school after his sister’s death to escape the monotonous drunken and depressed state inside community in Wellpinit. He is surprised to find a genuine concern and
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