Participation Awards Should Be Abolished

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After 20 years of research, it is now known that overpraising children hoping that they eventually strive to do difficult things is a desperate case (Wallace). Participation trophies are a form of reward given to all participants for doing their best even if nothing significant is accomplished. Effort and skill level is not accounted for while giving out participation trophies because they all are identical. Although participation awards are encouraging, they have no value and promote idleness.
An award is given to someone as a symbol of achievement and giving that person the proper recognition that they deserve. A trophy is a physical way to show that you accomplished something in the best way. Giving out participation rewards to everyone
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Why would you use your energy to earn something you know you will already get? Why choose the difficult path when the lazy one leads to the same place? When everyone gets a trophy it doesn’t matter who’s best, or if you worked hard, everyone gets the same prize. Top performers should be rewarded for their talents and those that don’t get a trophy need to learn the important lesson that you are not always going to win and you need to congratulate those who do (Wallace). Participation trophies lead to laziness and they allow people to hold back on their full potential.
However, some may argue that participation awards are given to those to acknowledge that they put forth effort, the award is given to everyone not just those who tried. There is no guarantee that all participants tried therefore those who did exceptionally should be rewarded. First, second, and third place performers should be acknowledged not just as participants but winners. In life along with competitions, not everyone can be on the “winner’s podium” (Cook).
Participation awards are encouraging, but they have no value and persuade people to be lazy. Over praising kids can lead them to become lazy and “develop narcissistic traits such as superiority and entitlement” (Wallace). The worth a trophy has is abolished when it is given to all participants. Although rewarding participation can be motivating,
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